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Lesson Learned in the Past Year

This Past Year was one of the roller coaster rides of my life,so i didn't get time to update my blog.Past year made me to take some personal and carrier related decision's which would impact my future life. Mostly I took bad decision more then good decisions but I don’t regret it, the other side taught me a lot about life. Meet a lot of...

10 Inspiring Quotations That Will Change The Way You Think


Words of Wisdom from the Movies


Have powerful goals

Your goals have to be great and clear enough to set your imagination on fire. Your goals must excite your imagination. Something powerful always excites the mind – either positively or negatively.   A powerful goal has a life of its own. It has a great energy to create the greatest motivation in you to achieve it. A Powerful goal must be...

Life Lessons from 22

 The lesson which I have learned in past few months.If you are not excited about your baby, then no one will be. Don’t procrastinate on level 1.  Do things you hate now otherwise you will do it for your entire life. Convert knowledge into skill. Life is a war, a war with your best self and your worst self. The outcome of the battle will decide...

Inspirational Graduation Speeches

Conan O'Brien Barack Obama Bill Clinton Denzel Washington Tom Hanks Jonathan Franzen Amy Poehler Phil Rosenthal Mark Zuckerberg Aron Ralston...

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